Puppy Supplies Checklist

New puppy? No problem. I’ve compiled a list of everything you’ll need for your four legged friend from various websites, how to pay as LITTLE as possible whether you’re in a crunch or just love a challenge; which is exactly why I put this together.


  • A must have for potty training and keeping your puppy safe while you’re away, I highly recommend looking on Letgo, Craigslist, or Facebook’s marketplace for a gently used crate, kennel or pet carrier because I see them all the time at reasonable prices. If you’re worried about cooties or just cannot find what you need, here’s this really affordable crate.


  • You can also find a comfy mat to use inside that crate here, if it gets dirty it can go right into the wash, we hang dry ours in the sunlight to help keep the fleecy white material a bright and clean color.


Potty Bells:

  • I’m aware they’re not for everyone but I do believe that every owner should try these with their dog, Moose was bell trained in 72 hours at 8 weeks old!  It’s also an engaging way to start off training with your dog, new or old. You can learn a little bit more about them here.



  • An obvious purchase, but with so many options the decision making process can become overwhelming. I chose Bella Bowls for Moose and they’ve held up for the year that we’ve had them and you can get them as cheap as $3.49 a piece for a medium sized bowl here.


Leash & Collar:

  • If you’re adopting a puppy, especially a large breed, I’d go for a slip lead like this rainbow one. We found that Moose was originally too small for his original set, but then quickly outgrew it. By the time his growing had stopped we were on our third set, and those can get pretty expensive. A slip lead completely eliminates the need for a collar and was ideal for our lifestyle since our dog is microchipped and never outdoors unsupervised so we have no need for a collar and tags 24/7.


  • Should you decide you want a collar and leash set because you’re not adopting a puppy or you have a small breed that will not get much larger, I purchased this set for Moose as a puppy which he used until he outgrew it and our friend’s lab mix inherited it.