Our Favorite Toys


I probably spend too much time worrying about the level of entertainment, safety and durability of my dog’s toys. Moose has so many his basket is overflowing, he’s not a tough chewer and really enjoys stuffed toys so a handful have lasted since he came home as a puppy. Those are definitely on this favorites list and I’m sure you’ll find that you and your dog love these too. I’ve added links to a few but they can otherwise be found at local pet shops, or online retailers like Amazon and Chewy for a very reasonable price.

KONG Classic and Puppy

The classic red is a large that we’ve had since day 1 of Moose’s homecoming! We just purchased the pink for Francis who loves hers equally as much.


Tugga Wubba

The toy with probably our favorite name that Moose enjoys tossing in the air when he plays alone, and Francis likes to nibble the ends that have after months barely begun to fray.


KONG Moose

Moose has had his Moose  since he came home and only his little tail is missing! I am more than impressed with this little toy.


KONG CuteSeas

Kong is pretty obviously our favorite brand of dog toys, and for a good reason! All of our Kong toys including these CUTE sea animals are durable, cute and engaging.


Spiny Toys @ Petco

These toys are really affordable (Less than $5 each) and have been major life-savers when it comes to puppy teething. These are definitely Francis’ favorite thing to grind her little teeth into and I’m so happy she’s not nibbling my toes instead!

IMG_0377 (1).jpg

Lifestages Crunch Bone

This is also another great teething toy, it has a secured piece of plastic inside that makes a crunching sound that keeps your dog engaged. It’s also really easy to clean and has a hole straight through the middle to put treats in for added fun!



Mammoth Bone and Rope

Last but certainly not least this awesome flossy rope and bone I purchased for less than $5 at Chewy.com to help with Francis’ teething. It’s cute, colorful and keeps them entertained, it also does not squeak for those of you whose pets over do it with their squeaky toys!