Low Cost Dog Grooming

Moose has a shaggy, thick coat of hair that requires a grooming every 6-8 weeks. If it is not well-maintained it can grow to be very long, when he loses hairs they very often tangle into his coat and can become matted if he is not brushed often.

Matting can happen in breeds with hair like humans, including Poodles, Shih Tzus, and the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. When taken to a professional, grooming can be very expensive because it needs to be done so frequently and so I started grooming Moose myself! I learned by watching many Youtube videos and purchased my own quality tools which I have listed for you below. I’ve also attached Central Texas pet shops with self-bathing facilities if you cannot bathe yours at home!

i. Moose, with very long hair as we were afraid to try a new groomer…

Adjustments.plist (1).jpg




Bathing Supplies


Shower head with hose

This is probably what comes in handy most and is obviously used outside of bathing the dogs! With a 6ft hose I can put Moose in the tub and bath him from home.


Earth Bath Shampoo & Conditioner

The shampoo smells AH-mazing and has a nice lather. The conditioner also smells awesome and can help loosen up any tangles I may have missed while brushing before bathing.


EarthBath Spritz

A great spray for in-between baths when your dog has a funk and you’re going to have guests over or taking them with you to run errands. It doesn’t irritate Moose’s skin, is long lasting and smells just like the shampoo we use.

earthbath spritz

Mutt Towel

I swear, this towel is a Godsend. When I used to dry Moose, I’d use a couple of towels plus the hair dryer or shopvac blowing feature! I didn’t see a reason to spend almost $15 on a towel just for my dog when I can use the perfectly good ones we already had but it is well worth it! I only need the Mutt Towel to dry Moose and just a few minutes of blow dry time. It dries quickly and does not hold pet hair like our terry cloth towels do. Get this towel!

Mutt mat

Ear and Nail Care

Guillotine Style Nail Clipper

I picked this unique style of nail clipper because I feel I have better control of how I clip the nail and being stainless steel makes it easier to clean than plastic handled clippers.


Andis Nail Grinder

If you’ve ever clipped your dog’s nails, or your own for that matter, they can be rough on the edges unless you file them down. This nail grinder comes with different files to grind down the nail after you’ve clipped the excess to make for smooth claws! This not only helps keep your floors from being damaged, but will also keep your skin from breaking if your dog likes to jump on people.


Zymox Ear Cleanser

Ear cleaning is especially important for dogs with floppy ears, infections can occur when water stays inside of the ear as a result of the ear flap covering the ear canal. You should clean your dog’s ears regularly but it is very important to clean them after going for a swim.


Earth Bath Ear Wipes

I’m unsure how effective these are compared to an actual ear cleaner, but they do a great job of removing wax that sits on Moose’s ear flap from time to time and we use them about once a week just to give him a quick touch up!



Combs and Brushes

Well & Good Pin Cushion Brush

We purchased this brush in blue at Petco for about $15 which I felt was a bit steep but after having brought it home and used it, I think it really serves its purpose. A simple, quality brush.


Andis Stainless Steel Comb

The best comb we own for Moose, it is definitely intended for larger dogs and is a fairly large comb. A decent priced product to help remove tangles.

andis comb.jpg


Wahl Deluxe U Kit

For $35 with a clipper and some needed accessories this makes a great starter kit, we used this for Moose when I first decided to start grooming at home and it was an awesome investment however we have since upgraded.


Wahl Bravura

We recently upgraded our clipper to the Bravura model, Moose takes so long to clip that I needed something light weight and long lasting. It retails for about $150 but I was able to buy it from someone on Craigslist for $100 in great condition! I highly recommend it.



Andis Easy Clip

While it is a trimmer and not a clipper, it is a great little tool for creases and crevices of your dog like toes, ears and tail. Very reasonably priced at $30.


Wahl 5-1 Clipper Attachments

While an accessory rather than a clipper, these stainless steel attachments do not bend easily and glide smoothly along your dog with a wide variety of sizes. I only use the largest two with Moose.



Andis Cool Care

Also a blade accessory that keeps your clipper or trimmer cool as you go, but also acts to keep it lubricated and disinfected.



I purchased this set of shears with a few things in mind, it was affordable at $25, it came with curved and thinning shears (which I love both of) and a carrying case which I found important to keep from getting poked! Speaking of being poked, the ends are rounded and I do not recommend buying anything but blunt or rounded unless you are a professional!


Not Planning On Home Grooming?

Here’s a few local dog washing facilities in Central Texas where you can pay a small fee to use their tools to bathe your dog!

Dirty Dog Grooming and Self-serve Dogwash

  • Up to $19 bath only for a large (70lb+ dog).

Mud Puppies Self Services Dog Wash

  • $15 for most dogs.

Clean Canine Dog Wash 

  • Cost unknown! 😦

Unleashed  by Petco

  • With multiple locations in Austin and a $10 self servicing charge.