About Myself:

Moose, Landon and I live in Pflugerville, a close knit dog loving part of town just outside Austin, Texas. Our groomer, trainer, favorite dog park and pet friendly restaurants are all within a five mile radius among many others who are like them. Landon and I are in our twenties working full time just a few miles from home, which allows us to come home during the day to the dog! When I’m not at work, I’m at the dog park, hiking with Moose or looking for good, local eats.

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About Moose: 

Moose doesn’t have anything to say for himself, but I do. I received Moose from a breeder friend with the intention of relieving some of my anxiety and stress post high school and moving away. I have always loved dogs and Moose’s personality turned my world upside down and I would have never guessed I’d love him as much as I do, he was my perfect medicine!


Moose Loves:

Favorite Activity: Zoomies

Favorite Place: The dog park

Favorite Person(not family): Michelle, his old groomer.

Favorite Food: His dog food when Landon puts special sauce (water) in it and cooks it (puts it on the stove top and turns on the fan).

Favorite Toy: Blue GoDog dragon.

Favorite Treats: Merrick Power Bites

About Francis:

Having taken her name from Francis Underwood she is smart, classy and always up to no good. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Standard Poodle mix with a passion for chewing on everything. Having recently brought Moose up from puppyhood, Francis has been a walk in the park and is fitting in just fine.


Francis Loves:

Favorite Activity: Playing in her water bowl.

Favorite Place: Home

Favorite Person: We’ve not met many strangers yet!

Favorite Food: Anything that her brother is eating.

Favorite Toy: Spiny Purple Bone.

Favorite Treats: Merrick Power Bites