When You Just Can’t Even With Your Dog

Sometimes you just can’t, as cute as they are, happy, loyal and loving. Be it because you’re sick, or you’re hurting emotionally or mentally; it’s okay and it happens. The good news is that your dog loves you unconditionally and they’re going to forgive you.


This week, I just feel like I can’t even with Moose and Francis. Nothing has been particularly special about the last couple weeks, but waking up can be hard and my patience is wearing thin. I’m still walking Moose, letting the puppy outside to potty and going to the dog park for an hour in the evening but it feels so much more difficult for seemingly no reason. Despite all this, I really feel like an ungrateful pet parent because we have so much at our disposal to help us care for our dogs. Here’s a list I’ve compiled of the awesome stuff we have available if you’re feeling like you just can’t do it today. Your pup will appreciate their new gadget or service.




A dog walking, boarding, overnight sitting services offered nearby via mobile or web app. Dog caregivers are background checked, and you can reviews and get credits for referring your neighbors. We used this for Moose and Francis and paid a reasonable price for 7 days.




This is still going to require a little bit of work, but it will keep your dog occupied for awhile, especially if they’re food motivated.




This nifty machine plays puzzle games with your dogs and gives a reward, and then uses algorithms to create a more challenging puzzle. It can also be controlled via app to change the game or track progress made.





This has to be the most ironically named dog toy, you buy it specifically so that you don’t have to fetch! Regardless, it’s a great toy. One I’ve talked about before and is probably the best toy to exercise your dog that I have on this list.


Automatic Pet Feeder


To make sure your pet is kept fed while you’re away, or at home! It can be put on a schedule and dispense a controlled amount of food. It is an app controlled device that

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