Texas Dog Foods

When deciding on a food for Moose, there are a few things that are really important to me and one of those was buying from a local business like our feed store, and buying a food made here in our home state.

I like to spend my money locally, our feed store being only three miles away and carrying great brands made that very easy for us. I chose to buy a food made here in Texas to support local business owners, and the food is as fresh as it gets!

Through my search, here are a few foods I found made here in Texas:

Merrick Pet Care


Victor Pet Food

This is what we’re currently feeding Moose, he’s thriving!

Victor dog food

Millies Wolfheart USA

Founded in England, making dog food right here in Austin, Texas!

Millies wolf heart


Another great pet food company based out of Austin, Texas. They offer a patent protected probiotic for your pet.


Zach’s Quality Dog Food

A brand I had not heard of prior to searching for Moose’s food. Zach’s is made and sold here in Texas at Costco stores.


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