Petco Dog Training: Adult Level 1 & 2

Moose has never been a poorly behaved dog, but before we went through training he definitely needed some improvement. Specifically with leash pulling, distractions and jumping on humans. Anyone who is committed and has access to the internet can do this from home, and avoid dishing out hundreds of dollars on obedience training. I fall into that category but I chose to purchase Petco’s 12 week training plan because it was on sale, I needed to commit to public training sessions and I needed a safe place to do this.

We were able to pick our weekly time slot, and at the end of the training Moose took (and passed!) the Canine Good Citizen test. He was the only dog in his class Tuesdays at 11am with our dedicated trainer for one hour where we worked mostly on extended stays, walking and greeting strangers politely. Moose having already had nearly all his basic obedience out of the way made this not worth the cost, honestly we could have taught everything from home in the same amount of time for much less. If you’re determined to training your dog, and you can commit a certain amount of time per week to training it’s doable with what Youtube has to offer.

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